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Quality safety testing and approvals

Here you can read more about the Quality Safety tests and approvals to the ignoRa products.

- "P" Marked by SP and SITAC

- Approval no. 0040/08 and 0041/08

- Parts of the products is tested by TÜV

- Produced according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

- ignoRa control

To mention a few things why the ignoRa products takes the quality to a higher level.

• We only use high quality raw materials

• Only complete metal sheets, no questionable leftovers.

• We use minimum 2 and 3mm stainless steel on our fireplaces.

• All corners are welded and polished.

• The bag sides are double walls with heat isolating material inside.

• The finish is outstanding

• We have the best burner box on the market with adjustable flame size.

• Here you will not find any cheap and dangerous burner cubs or bad boxes.

• We have a safety chamber beneath the burner box in all our models.

All the ignoRa products are only of in the best quality possible. You will clearly see the deferens if you compare it to similar products.

At ignoRa we have three major points we live by: Quality, finish and safety.

We only want to produce the best quality, therefore our products are made in the western Europe, where we can guarantee the best quality made by the hands of the best certified metal and wood workers, who makes their handwork with honor and pride. You will never find China quality by ignoRa!

Facts of ignoRa Design Bio Fireplaces without chimney

Bio fireplaces

Facts of ignoRa Design Bio Fireplaces without chimney

ignoRa design decoration Bio fireplaces are in a unique outstanding quality and finish. The fireplaces are mobile and chimney free, so you can place them wherever you want. The high quality ignoRa steel series are made in stainless steel, so you can place them inside as well as outside. All our fireplaces are equipped the the best burner box on the market with adjustable flame size. The ignoRa burner box is made of 3mm. stainless steel, further more are the fireplaces equipped with a safety chamber. The models that are made to mount on a wall have a double isolated wall on the bag side. The fireplace uses Bio ethanol as fuel, the bio ethanol are made of corn and potatoes gives a 100% clean combustion which are free of soot and smoke.

• Decorations fireplaces

• Outstanding quality and finish

• Trendy new indoor usage

• We have the best high quality bio fireplaces on the market

• Mobile

• Chimney free, (Does not require chimney or any other sort of installation)

• 100% clean combustion

• No smoke, soot or dangerous fumes

• Can be placed in any room on the wall or floor

• The Stainless steel models can be placed inside as well as outside

• Take the bio fireplace out on the patio in the summer.

• The fireplaces uses bio alcohol as fuel (made of among other corn, sucker beet and potatoes)

• Special developed burner box with adjustable flame size and technique which create a beautiful and jumping flame

• Can raise the temperature with approximately 5 degrees Celsius in a 30m² room

• Uses approximately for 1,5EUR per hour in bio alcohol

• Environment friendly

• Get your fireplace in exactly the RAL color you want

Questions and answers regarding ignoRa Design Bio fireplaces

Does a bio fireplace require a chimney?

Answer: No it does not require a chimney as it doesn’t generate smoke or other dangerous fumes.

Does the Bio fireplaces require any other kind of instalation?

Answer: No the Bio fireplaces does NOT require any kind of installation, they are totally installation free.

What is the fuel?

Answer: The fuel to the Bio fireplaces is bio ethanol which is environment friendly

Is it possible to regulate the flame size and shut of the flame?

Answer: Yes you can adjust the size of the flame and even shut it of using the regulator.

Is it possible to place the fireplace in the middle of a room?

Answer: Yes you can place them wherever you want.

Is it possible to mount a bio fireplace on a wall?

Answer: Yes, most of our models can be mounted on a wall. The freestanding steel series only require an ignoRa backside.

Does the wall get to hot?

Answer: No, all the ignoRa Bio fireplaces to mount on a wall have a double isolated backside to prevent to much heat to the backside.

Are the fireplaces difficult to mount?

Answer: No they are very easy to mount. With the floor models you only have to unpack from the box and place i ton the dicired place. The wall models is as easy to mount as a picture, just follow the instructions on the manual.

Are they running on gas?

Answer: No, the Bio fireplaces is not running on gas, they are running on Bio ethanol/alcohol which is poured directly into the burnerbox on the fireplace.

Is it possible to take the fireplace with you when moving?

Answer: Yes the fireplace has no kind of installation so it is just like moving any other kind of furniture.

Is it possible to mount a bio fireplace between to separate rooms?

Answer: Yes it is possible to mount a Bio fireplace in a wall between to rooms, just make sure that its safely and professionally done.

Is there any leagal requirrements to have a bio fireplace in a home?

Answer: Not for the moment, if you have the slightest doubts contact the distributor in your country.

How do you ignite the fireplaces?

Answer: Start by filling up the burner box using a funnel, and then you can ignite using a lighter with a long neck. Never refill the burner box when its warm, always wait for 30 minutes after the flames has gone out.

How much heat is generated?

Answer: The Bio fireplaces generates about 3-4 KW. You can increase the temperature with about 4-6 degrees Celsius in a 35m² rooms, so the gives a great support to your existing heat sources, but the are not suitable to warm up an entire house or flat.

Is it possible to use other kind of fuels?

Answer: No, we do not recommend you to use other sources of fuel than the ignoRa Bio Ethanol/alcohol. We cannot guaranty that it’s a clean combustion.

How long can a fireplace burn on a filled burner box?

Answer: One filled burner box contains 1,8l Bio alcohol and burns for about 4-7 hours. It’s all depending on the air circulation.

What does it cost in use?

Answer: about 1,5 - 2 EUR in a hour.

Is there any maintenance with the fireplaces?

Answer: Not realy, but we recommend you to take out the burner box and clean it with water.

How do I keep the bio fireplaces clean?

Answer: That is very easy, just polish in steel polish or oil if it is the steel models, or ordinary mild cleanser if it is the wood models. The backside of the fireplaces you can wipe of with a wringed soft rag. Never use cleanser made of or containing spirit or alcohol.